Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!

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TL;DR - Use your arrow keys (or just swipe on smatphones) to move the tiles (or chips). When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one! Slide numbered tiles on the grid to combine them and create a tile with the number 2048!

2048 - what is it and how to play?

2048 is an addicting turn-based arithmetic puzzle game. It will train your mathematical thinking and help pass your free time, spending it with benefit.

Well-known and very popular, especially among iPad owners, the logical game 2048 has not became popular for nothing. Simplicity and a little bit of randomness - that's the strong point of this game. Rearrange the chips so that identical ones collapse, forming a new one with a number on the board equal to the product of the denominations of the two collapsed ones.

Two chips with deuces, when merged, form one with a four, two fours, collapsing, create one eight, etc. After each merge, new pieces with deuces are added to the field. The game continues as long as there are places on the field for throwing in new chips. If you managed to create a chip with a face value of 2048, then you are a smart person and luck has nothing to do with it.

You cannot download the 2048 game, but think about whether it makes sense to do this, because it is always available here, you just need to open this page and play! So please bookmark this page if you liked it!

There are many tactics and strategies for passing the game, use them or come up with your own, do your best to win. Good luck!